Custom Web Scraping

Custom web scraping solutions. Source code included in all projects

Our Solution

Web data is valuable for businesses to make data driven decisions. We have been in the industry since its inception, we understand the ins & outs and the challenges like few companies do.

Once your solution is ready it will run smoothly on our Bitmaker Cloud platform or on-premise.

Why Bitmaker?

We have been in this industry since its inception and our Latin American company is at the same level of the top web scraping companies in the world (several of us have worked in some of the pioneering web scraping companies).

Years Of Expertise

We are experts on web scraping and have come across all sort of content and anti-scraping protections and learned the ins and outs of getting around these barriers. We’ll give you a fully-managed project by a team that will be on top of any needs you might have.

No-Lock In And Fair Pricing

We are an open source custom software development company first and we don’t believe in locking in our clients. The data is yours, the code is yours, and the pricing is not tied to tiers: we will only charge for the space and network you use and the frequency of your jobs.

Extremely Scalable And Elastic

Your project will be hosted in Bitmaker Cloud, our own instance of estela, or in your own instance if you want to, which can easily scale to hundreds millions of web pages per month.

Automated Monitoring

We provide a monitoring system to help us detect any issues that occur so we can ensure immediate action.

Easy Integrations

It’s easy to connect into your existing workflows using integrations such as Zapier, Slack or custom ones. Our data is available in CSV, JSON, XML and others.

Reliable Data

We deliver clean and structured data and keep an eye for issues that risk its quality and reliability like domains feeding fake data to your crawlers.

Our Process

  • 1

    Discovery Call

    We’ll discuss in detail your project to understand how we can work together.

  • 2

    Estimate and Solution Architecture

    You will send a requirement document detailing the sites to be scraped and the fields to be extracted and our team will do an estimation.

  • 3

    Proposal and Contract Signature

    We will send you a detailed commercial and technical proposal and proceed to sign a contract.

  • 4

    Development and Quality Assurance

    Our team will develop your project, perform QA and review with you sample data.

  • 5


    The spiders will be deployed on our cloud or on your own infrastructure.

  • 6


    We will monitor the spiders and fix any problems that may arise due to website layout changes or antibot/WAF protections.


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Data Reliability


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