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  • Save costs by owning your data pipeline
  • Usability reports of your projects and spiders
  • Elasticity, scalability and best practices built-in
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Why Estela?


Estela is a scraping orchestration platform running on Kubernetes. It provides mechanisms to deploy, run and scale web scraping spiders via a REST API and a web interface.

Elasticity and scalability

Automate the workload generated by running spiders. Optimize your data operations effortlessly, ensuring scalability that grows with your business.

Cost Reduction

Experience substantial savings with Estela as it operates within your infrastructure, eliminating the need for external cloud platforms. Say goodbye to escalating costs and gain control over your budget.


Our wholehearted commitment to the open-source community, its methodologies and principles runs in our core DNA and we embrace the open exchange of information, technology, transparency and collaborative development.

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Bitmaker Cloud is an Estela instance hosted by Bitmaker.
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Estela benefits
Proprietary scraping platforms


Operations and processes can be reviewed on your own without depending on the service provider.


Supports many programming languages and frameworks such as Scrapy and python-requests, two most widely used in the industry.

Data sovereignty

Complete data security and privacy by being on your own servers


On-premises infrastructure gives your organization complete control of resources, services, and data.

Technical Estela Features

Fault-Tolerant Architecture

Experience automation in resource distribution, ensuring seamless data extraction even in challenging scenarios.

Modular Architecture

Enjoy the freedom of creating and adapting new functionalities without compromising Estela's stellar performance.

Performance Evaluation

Harness the power of detailed graphs generated by Estela for an in-depth evaluation of resources consumed during execution.

Optimal Spider Execution Scheduling

Our fault-tolerant architecture optimizes spider execution scheduling, preventing undue pressure on your server infrastructure.


Instantly identify problems and errors with Estela's traceability feature, providing a real-time view at the organization, project, spider, and job levels.

Elastic Compatibility

Adapt Estela to your needs; it accepts Scrapy and REQUEST, the two most widely used frameworks in the industry, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.

Latest news


Estela Requests Support

Beta support for the Requests library (ec08db0) has been recently added to Estela and will continue to see improvements.


Estela Notifications

Along with the record of activities on each project, users are now also notified when an action occurs in a project they are part of (2da9074).


Live stats visualization

Redis is now used to store the stats of jobs in RUNNING status (5957952), allowing users to visualize the stats and resource consumption of their scraping jobs in real time.


Estela Activity Menu

A new proposal and implementation for the Activity Menu have been introduced in Estela (5d4c8dc), allowing users to see the history of actions performed in each project.


Project Stats

The project dashboard has seen a major overhaul. Features here include new charts that allow users to easily see the stats obtained from their scraping jobs, including various statistics views (536eaca, 2fdcd3e, fcd6e1e).

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